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The company was established in Sep 1979, original named Win Min Static Powder Coating Ltd. The shop was mainly focused on powder coating on various metal or alloy surfaces, even memory alloy. The main customer were Wacoal Co. Ltd, Triumph Int., etc.

In 1996, the company changed it's name to Win Min Advanced Technology Ltd, starting invest new technology in clinic airborn prevention and cross infection between patients in clinic, the company expending it's product line with solutions that can provide doctor and patients a very safe and very clean treatment space.

To invent higher efficient, use friendly products, to create a safe clinical space.

  The products are CE, CNS certified and with world class quality.

Product Line

Immobile, Mobile, Direct Exhaust Oral Suction

Surgical Vacuum

Compact Mobile Water Suction

Compact Portable Hand Tool Unit

Custom Made Portable Hand Tool Station

Chair Side Work Station

Model, Artificial Tooth Grinder Dust Collecting Box

The product quaulity is contorlled and build with world class standard, it is also with 1 year warranty.